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  • Distance learning takes place in virtual learning environment Moodle, Teams, Office365
  • Contact work of the study subject (module) (lectures, seminars, practical tasks etc.) is carried out remotely at the time provided in the study timetables.
  • In the spring semester 2019–2020, only those student practices that can be performed under quarantine conditions and / or remotely will be carried out. A student performing his/her practice remotely must agree with the practice supervisor at the faculty and the company on the principles of organizing work during the practice. Some practices may be postponed by the faculty decision.




Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences takes the position that additional external circumstances caused by quarantine (quarantine announced nationwide), which disrupted the preparation of final thesis (e.g. gathering empirical data, performance of experiments, analysis of sources), should not affect the processes of final thesis preparation.

In preparing the final thesis, you are invited to use electronic resources: Databases, Electronic Books, Virtual Library.

The final thesis preparation procedure is currently being reviewed and, considering the current situation, changes to the final thesis preparation procedure will be published. It should be emphasized that individual student situations at Vilniaus Kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences will be responded flexibly, allowing a student to adjust the topic, purpose or research methodology for the final thesis so that the thesis could be successfully prepared in today’s learning environment.

The final decision on the procedures for the defence of final thesis will be made, after having more information about the final end of quarantine.




During quarantine, Vilniaus Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences students are provided with the usual financial support. If you have any questions, please contact the staff of the Study Department of the faculties.

The State Studies Foundation informs that from April 1 until April 16 2020, additional applications for targeted funding in April may be submitted. More information http://vsf.lrv.lt/lt/projektas/tikslines

From April 2 until May 11 (inclusively) 2020, the State Studies Foundation invites students to submit additional applications for social scholarships. More information http://www.vsf.lrv.lt/lt/studentams/soc-stipendijos

The State Studies Foundation informs about the conclusion of State-supported loan agreements in the spring semester 2020. Considering difficult situation in the country and with the approval of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, it is planned that students will be able to apply to the credit institution “Swedbank” for a longer time period, i.e. until May 31 (inclusively). To avoid problems in the period of signing State-supported loan agreements, students are encouraged to contact the credit institution from April 16. More information http://vsf.lrv.lt/lt/naujienos/del-valstybes-remiamu-paskolu-sutarciu-sudarymo-2020-m-pavasario-semestra



Students are provided with academic support during quarantine. For all questions related to your studies, please contact the lecturers or other responsible staff of the faculties.

Career pursuit

Career consultations (CV, job, practice search, etc.) are provided to students free of charge by Beata Gervickaitė, head of the Career Centre.

Register by e-mail karjeroscentras@viko.lt.

Job and practice ads – Karjera.viko.ltFacebook.com/vk.karjera



During quarantine, Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences students, lecturers and other employees can receive free psychological counselling. Students are consulted by psychologist Nomeda Sindaravičienė.

We invite you to apply on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.

n.sindaraviciene@mtf.viko.lt or 8 687 30 095.

The confidentiality of the consultation is guaranteed!

We can always change together what can be changed (thoughts, emotions, behaviour) and learn to live with what cannot be changed.



  • In case of technical problems connecting to Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences information systems, Teams, virtual learning environment Moodle, please contact Information Technology Centre by e-mail at itpagalba@viko.lt or IT Help Centre at help.viko.lt
  • Part-time studies – at email distance@viko.lt . Students must first contact the lecturer.
  • Study process – responsible staff at the faculty.
  • Remote career counselling – contact gervickaite@viko.lt.
  • Psychologist Nomeda Sindaravičienė provides counselling to Vilniaus kolegija teachers and students at email sindaraviciene@mtf.viko.lt or on tel. no. 8 687 30 095.