Staff Training Week

Event Details

June 19 -23, 2023

Great to have you reading these lines! Whether you are an experienced or an aspiring researcher of a higher education institution, or you are just planning to get into research – the International Training Week at Vilniaus kolegija/Higher Education institution is just for you! In an international team with the help of foreign and national experts, we will discuss various aspects of applied research, e. g:

What are the challenges of demand driven research and how to overcome them?

What competences are needed for a PHE applied researcher working for companies/organisations and how to acquire them?

What is a Science Shop and what is “sold”/ “bought” there?

During the week you will meet VIKO researchers who will present their best research cases, and a wide platform for discussions and best practice exchange will be provided. Take on the challenge and join an international research team! We promise it will be rewarding and memorable. During the free time we will explore the beautiful Vilnius – in and around!

Detailed information and program can be seen here.