IT services

All students of Vilniaus kolegija (VK) have their own usernames and passwords for VK IT systems and computers. The same credentials are used for all systems.

Erasmus students can get these credentials from Erasmus coordinators or faculties IT engineers.

Typical username looks like s123456 – letter s and six numbers (extended username has the same username plus VK sever address – It is not an email address; please do not mix them up.)
Extended usernames are used only for Office 365 and eduroam WiFi.

Students can change their passwords. Change password.

VK IT systems:

Office 365 (email, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and other services). Remember to use extended username to log in.

Foreign students email addresses are generated from students’ full names and surnames*.
It is mandatory to use VK email for all study affairs.

Virtual Learning Environment Moodle

Teachers give access to particular courses.

The eduroam WiFi

The eduroam service works in every faculty, students’ hostels and administration building of Vilniaus kolegija.

Setting up eduroam on mobile devices.

Academic Information System

System for study results. At this moment only in Lithuanian language. System works only with Internet Explorer.

If you need any IT help contact your faculty IT engineer or Vilniaus kolegija IT center.

Office 365 support contact

Teams. Short instructions for students

* Name and surname are separated by dot (.). If student has few names or surnames they all are separated by dash (-) in email address
For example: Firstname, Secondname, Surname –