This year due to the pandemic physical mobilities stopped, but virtual mobilities are going on quiet sucessfully.

This May and June 4 guest lecturers are offering on-line classes to our students.

During the  last weeks in May 2 English language lecturers from Serbia, University of Kragujevac, taught our Economics and Business Management students, offering valuable practical and theoretical knowledge.

May 18 – 20 lecturer Danica Jerotijevič Tišma taught on „Pronunciation in Business English: Attitudes, Needs and Reality; Pronunciation in Business English: Authentic practice and Activities“.

May 24 – 26 lecturer Neda Vidanovič Miletič shared her expertise on „How to Negotiate (win-win, win-lose negotiations; Business and Personal Finances; Trends in Marketing / Advertising; Digital Marketing; Varieties of English“.

The guest lecturers from Kragujevac met with the foreign language teachers of Vilniaus Kolegija Foreign Languages Centre, where colleagues discussed about the foreign languages teaching situation in Serbia and Lithuania, shared their know-how and concerns about on-line teaching-learning, about participating in projects and research. Possibilities for broader cooperation was discussed as there is obviously interest in them.

Faculty of Agrotechnologies had a guest lecturer Savas Volkan Genc from Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University in Turkey. The lecturer offered the following classes to Veterinary students: „Veterinary Medicine History. Scientific Studies on the History and Ethics of Veterinary Medicine. Common Responses of Different Cultures on Veterinary Ethics“.

May 31 – June 3 Business Management faculty students as well as lecturers will have a possiblity to listen to one more guest lecturer – Hila Zaban from Kenneret Academic College in Israel, who is giving lecturers on the following topics: „Second Homes and Their Socio-spacial Effects“.