During the pandemic that struck the world, the members of the Vilniaus kolegija | UAS community took a chance to find creative solutions to make it through the situation. VIKO international students, who not only participated in meetings and took online classes, used educational mobile apps, but also joined the “I am strong with Erasmus +” initiative, where they shared their experiences, difficulties, discoveries and stories.

In the face of the pandemic, Vilniaus kolegija | UAS Erasmus + members started to organize concerts, art performances and educational workshops in virtual space in order to spend leisure time more meaningfully. We share several VIKO community initiatives:

  • Once a week, remote meetings with international students were organized with a purpose to support them during quarantine and away from loved ones.
  • VIKO community has discovered new ways to create virtual Brain battles using the online tool – Kahoot!
  • A playlist “Consequences of Quarantine” was created
  • International students, being away from home and loved ones, coped optimistically and creatively with the situation and shared an encouraging message: “Keep calm & Wash Your hands & Stay home!”

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