Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution Became Member Of CoARA Coalition (eng. Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment)


Vilniaus Kolegija has joined the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) and the agreement. This agreement establishes a common direction for changes in the evaluation practices of scientific research, researchers, and organizations conducting scientific research, with the main goal of maximizing the quality and impact of scientific research. The agreement outlines the principles, commitments, and deadlines for the proposed reforms, as well as the coalition’s principles for organizations wishing to collaborate in implementing the changes.

The signatory parties commit to adhering to a shared vision that recognizes various results, practices, and activities in the evaluation of scientific research, researchers, and research organizations, which enhance the quality and impact of scientific research to the maximum. This requires the evaluation to be primarily qualitative, using responsibly employed quantitative indicators.

The aim is to have an inclusive and collaboration-based space where it is possible to collectively strive for higher quality, greater impact, and a more efficient and inclusive research system. This is a platform for experiments and trials, for the development of new evaluation criteria, methods, and tools, for the exchange of best practices, and for mutual learning, all while fully respecting the autonomy of organizations.

The coalition will decide what actions to take to fulfill the commitments and at what pace to implement reforms, which may vary depending on the context (such as national, disciplinary, or the evaluation of individual researchers, research units, and research organizations or projects), as well as the strategic goals and mission of each organization.

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) unites 545 members from around the world.

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