11th to 19th September the Erasmus coordinator from the Faculty of Pedagogy, lecturer Vilija Gerasimovičienė with the students Benas Masys and Jautina Anužytė colaborated with the youth organization “Milžinų lizdas” and participated in Erasmus+ youth exchange programme “Map yourself“.

The main project objectives were to foster mutual understanding and inter-cultural learning, thus minimizing stereotypes and prejudices, experience education through non-formal methods, to promote Erasmus+ programme opportunities that participants can use in their future.

During the program sessions participants raised awareness and created space for learning and sharing experiences among youngsters coming from 6 countries: the Netherlands, Portugal, the Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Lithuania. Most of them improved self-awareness, raised self- esteem, got familiar with different styles of learning, thus encouraging their inter – cultural sensitivity.

Students got acquainted with Gruzdžiai gymnasium, participated in an open session with the local community about intercultural diversity and visited Regina Mataitienė Gruzdžiai ceramics workshop. To commemorate the European Week of Sport #beactive a 20 km walk in Naujoji Akmenė gravel quarry was held for everyone regardless of age, background or fitness level.

Participants were thankful for the new experience and updated knowledge as well as for physical activity initiatives and promised to come back to Lithuania.