All week, November 16-20, the Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies hosted virtual lectures by an international art and culture expert, musicologist, music critic, music history teacher, professor JAHANGIR SELIMKHANOV, with the participation of Cultural Activity Management, Popular Music and Musical Theater study programmes students.

Since 1992, Professor Jahangir Selimkhanov (Azerbaijan) has been a regular lecturer of contemporary music, cultural policy and creative process courses at seven Azerbaijani universities. He gives speeches and moderates international conferences, symposia and cultural events of various formats. At the Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management, professor Selimkhanov teaches lectures on cultural policy, creative economics, and strategic arts management. Since 1977 has worked as a musicologist, music critic, teacher of music theory and music history, has taught at various foreign universities in the Netherlands, Great Britain and elsewhere. From 2018 is a national UNESCO expert.

Visits by invited lecturers are extremely useful, developing students’ international knowledge, experience and perspectives. We thank Professor JAHANGIR SELIMKHANOV for the inclusive content.