A Comeback of Master Classes of a Charismatic Artist from New York


On November 7 th to 11th a renowned dance specialist, choreographer, actor and director Daniel Irizarry delivered a distance learning course to the students of  Art and Creative Technologies faculty ( MTF) Musical Theatre study programme. It is the fifth year since the educator has worked with the students of this programme and the second time when it was done online, nevertheless it turned out to be efficient, creative and functional.  

           Students of the Musical Theatre Study programme are particularly interested in the mastery of the plastic movement, the continuity of the creative lectures, which help to more consistently and deeply understand the methods of work of this pedagogue. The main topic of this year’s Theatre Creative Lab is ‘Creative Insights through the Manifesto’. Special attention is paid to each student, i.e. the development of the actor’s instincts, coordination grinding, concentration, development of creative powers, physical expression, plastic arts, acrobatics and improvisation.  The artist finds new challenges every year coming up with new creative ideas, encouraging students to improve and make independent decisions in the writing of etude scripts and playing characters on stage. The pedagogue managed to achieve outstanding results as the students of the course were able to move freely using the elements of the manifesto characters, enhance their senses, develop self-confidence and unleash their creative powers. They have dealt efficiently with the challenges of the situations, enjoyed the continuity of the classes and the ongoing work process of developing stage movement and acting skills.

          The several years’ cooperation with a pedagogue, a choreographer, actor and director Daniel Irizarry opened a wide range of opportunities for the Musical Theatre Study programme students and educators as well as a creative space, therefore such a cooperation is especially beneficial for the  future of the Musical Theatre actors as well as teachers for acquiring new skills and competences.