Vilniaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences offers housing for Erasmus exchange students as well as international full-time students. The Student Hostel is situated close to the city centre and provides comfortable living and studying conditions for an affordable fee with an opportunity to interact with other International students. The hostel building is  comparatively old but newly renovated. The facilities include:

Address: Giedraičių Str.81, LT-08213, Vilnius


Deposit – 300 EU (to be paid during the week of arrival).
Housing fees
The monthly rent and the deposit must be paid during the first week of your stay after signing your Accommodation Contract. The rest of the monthly payments must be paid until the 18th of each month (e.g. till 18th of September for the month of September etc.). All related details concerning the Accommodation Contract and payments will be provided by the hostel administration after your arrival.

Important: A monthly payment and a deposit must be transferred in two separate payments. There is no possibility to pay in the dormitory.

How to reach the Hostel:

From the Airport: you can use a number 1 bus to go to Vilnius Bus Station (Vilniaus Autobusų Stotis). In the bus station take a number 53 bus and go as far as “Giedraičių”bus stop.

From the City centre: go to the bus stop “Žaliasis Tiltas” (it is located in the city centre near the river Nėris). Then take a number 6 or 10 troleybuss or the a number 10 or 53 bus and go to the bus stop “Giedraičių”.

Practical tips: one of the best apps for easier public transportation use is “Trafi”. You can buy a one way ticket from the driver (1 eur) or purchase an e-ticket card named Vilniečio kortelė. The ticket card  costs 1.5 eur and should be credited additionally with an appropriate amount of money for the selected tickets (monthly, weekly, etc.). You can purchase the card in kiosks named “Lietuvos spauda”; “Spauda”, “Narvesen” or “Maxima” supermarkets.

Application for Accommodation

International students have to fill in the online Accommodation form in order to get a room in the hostel. It’s a must to provide one passport picture with you while signing the agreement in order to receive your dormitory pass.

For any accommodation matters, please contact the Dormitory Head, Mrs. Raminta Švedė – (don’t forget to specify if you are an Erasmus Incoming Student or an International Full-time Student).