Advancing Toward Sustainability: Reflections on Bankers’ Day at VIKO BANKAS


On December 13th this year, Bankers’ Day unfolded, showcasing VIKO BANKAS’s unique simulation experience to students hailing from ten different countries. Gitana Mečėjienė, Head of the Department of Banking, emphasized the practical significance of VIKO’s Faculty of Economics in offering a hands-on banking simulation during the final year of the degree program. Mečėjienė stressed the value of combining theoretical knowledge with practical exposure, shaping professionals acquainted with essential workplace processes, benefitting both students and prospective employers.

Marius Ignatonis, head of the Lithuanian Association of Simulation Companies “Liba,” highlighted the multinational participation from Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, France, Spain, Finland, North Macedonia, and Belgium during the Bankers’ Day event.

Partners’ Recognition for Future Insights

Bankers’ Day gathered social partners, including Citadele and Šiaulių bankas, where Asta Kanaporienė, Director of Private Clients of Šiaulių bankas Vilnius Region and Branch, commended the students’ competition. The competition prompted ideas on envisioning “VIKO BANK in 5-10 years: future projections.” The winning entry, presented by student Julija Jermak, envisioned the utilization of Viar (virtual reality) glasses to enhance customer engagement by enabling them to explore bank products interactively. Jermak’s proposal also included a vision of senior students serving as mentors on a fixed salary, facilitating training and conferences for future VIKO Bank employees. Her innovative ideas earned her a prestigious backpack from Šiaulių bankas.

During the event, Justas Daujotas, a graduate of VIKO’s Banking Programme and the inaugural President of VIKO BANKAS, lauded the program’s growth, reflecting on his own journey from VIKO to a prominent role in the Luminor Group.

In expressing gratitude, recognition was extended to the Department of Banking’s lecturers, especially Sigita Juzėnienė, as well as to all students from various courses for their invaluable contributions, presentations, and for fostering a delightful festive atmosphere.