On the 1st of March 2021 the Faculty of Pedagogy of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences hosted an online meeting for all the partners of the international project DIGICARE / 2020 “Technological Innovations in Social Work”. The partners from the TTK University of Applied Sciences Institute of Service Economy (EE), Finnish FI-HAMK University of Applied Sciences and Vilnius University of Applied Sciences presented an overview of the current situation related to the usage of innovative technologies in the field of social services in Estonia, Finland, and Lithuania. The participants of the meeting discussed further steps in advancing the main goal of this project.

DIGICARE / 2020 network of TTK UAS (Estonia), VIKO (Lithuania) and HAMK (Finland) was formed to modernise the social work curriculum (study process and methods). In order to adopt innovative and digital solutions in the social sector, it is necessary to equip students in the social field with the knowledge and skills needed, which can happen only when the curriculum changes accordingly. Successful completion of the project will result in the innovations being integrated within the social work curriculum.

The duration of the project is two years (2020–2022). Over the first year the partners will create the module and during the second year they will pilot the module and disseminate the results.