Director of Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution Elected


On 24th April 2023 in a closed session of the Vilniaus kolegija Council the new Director  of Vilniaus kolegija was chosen by secret ballot – by the decision of the Council the higher education institution for the coming five – year period will be led by  dr. Žymantė Jankauskienė. She currently holds the position of Director of Vilniaus kolegija.

Dr. Žymantė Jankauskienė will take up the position of Director of Vilnius kolegija from 1st June 2023. A public call for the position of Director of Vilniaus kolegija was announced on 9 th February 2023 on the Vilniaus kolegija Internet site.

Chairman of the Council of Vilniaus kolegija, Sergei Abakumov (partner at Grant Thornton Baltic, Head of Accounting Projects), introduced the newly elected Director and noted that ” Vilniaus kolegija’s leadership in Lithuanian higher education is strong and visible. In her programme of activities for 2023-2028, dr. Ž. Jankauskienė presented a well-argued vision for the future of Vilniaus kolegija, emphasising the main and essential objective of the activities, so that Vilniaus kolegija should become the first University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania in 2029. To achieve this goal, all stakeholders and partners of Vilniaus kolegija will be purposefully mobilized. This is the vision of  Vilniaus kolegija, which requires responsible, decisive decisions and their consistent implementation. We, as the Kolegija Council, support such a vision and will help the management  to achieve this vision.”

Dr. Ž. Jankauskienė emphasized that when presenting the 2023-2028 activity programme to the Council, she gave an analysis of the current situation, identified the challenges of the country’s socio-economic situation and the priorities of the next year activities. The elected Director dr. Ž. Jankauskienė thanked for trusting her: ” I want to thank the Council who demonstrated trust in the  ambitious programme of the future activities of Vilniaus kolegija. Thanks to the community, with whom we have overcome many challenges in recent years. I want to thank everyone who participated in the everyday life of the Kolegija and keeps actively contributing to its successful activities. I believe that in the future our relationship will get even stronger!”