Dr. Aydin Firat from Bursa University in Turkey Lectures for VIKO Students


From 8th to 12th May the Foreign Languages Centre (UKC) hosted Dr. Aydin Firat from Bursa Technical University (Turkey) to teach in the faculties of Business Management, Economics and Electronics and Informatics of Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution (Kolegija).

On 8th May the lecturer met with the students of Advertising management and Office administration in the faculty of Business management. On 11th May lecturer A. Firat worked with the students of Accounting, Banking and Investment and Insurance programmes in the faculty of Economics. During the lectures, there was a lot of communication and discussion about the studies at Lithuanian and Turkish universities. On 12th May with the first-year students of the Information Systems programmes the topics of youth citizenship and free time in both countries were discussed in addition to the previously mentioned topics.

Dr. Aydin Firat also met with the UKC lecturers Ingrida Galkauskienė, Jūratė Helsvig, Vilma Kardauskė, Danutė Belazarienė and the Head of Foreign Languages Centre Jūratė Patackaitė. Although the university and the Kolegija have been cooperating for a number of years, colleague A. Firat visited the Centre and Lithuania for the first time, naturally many topics and discussions were on the agenda. The lecturer from Bursa Technical University was happy to share the methodology of foreign languages’ teaching, the peculiarities of the work of teachers at a university, and was pleased with the proactiveness of the students of the Kolegija and the abundance of topics of their interest. The university lecturer received questions about his country, studies, religion, army, students’ free time, food culture, etc. The Kolegija students also willingly shared suggestions for the guest on what to try or visit in Lithuania. Dr. Aydin Firat invited students to come to study at his university and thus gain confidence, and colleagues from UKC to give lectures, visit the university and visit the picturesque cities of Turkey.