State code6531BX037
FacultyFaculty of Economics
Study fieldFinance
QualificationProfessional Bachelor of Business
Form and duration of studiesFull-time studies, 3 years
Study plansDegree Course 2019-2023

Career Prospects

Acquired skills allow opportunities to get a managerial, economic, financial or accounting job position in the banks or in the other credit and financial institutions.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

Full-time studies
Degree Course 2019-2023

1st semester (30 credits)
Business Foreign Language I5E
Business Psychology3P
Banking Business models3P
Computer Information Management5E
Document Management4P
Applied Mathematics5E
Economics Theory5E
2nd semester (30 credits)
SubjectCreditsEvaluation *
Business Foreign Language II5E
Business Law4E
Labour and Civil Safety3P
Credit and Banks5E
Enterprise Economics6P
3rd semester (30 credits)
SubjectCreditsEvaluation *
Research work organization3P
Financial Technologies (Fintech)3P
Finance Management5E
Accounting in Bank and Enterprise6E
Bank Services and Management5E
Optional course 15P
4th semester (30 credits)
SubjectCreditsEvaluation *
Enterprise Activity Analysis3E
Bank Data Management5E
Banking Activity Organization4E
Financial Markets3E
Professional Activity Practice: Bank Performance Modelling5P
Optional course 25P
5th semester (30 credits)
SubjectCreditsEvaluation *
Business Communication3E
Banking Activity Analysis3E
Bank Risks Management5E
Bank Audit and Control4E
Professional Activity Practice: Bank Performance Modelling5P
Final Professional Activity Practice10P
6th semester (30 credits)
SubjectCreditsEvaluation *
Final Professional Activity Practice20P
Final project10KP

Optional subjects are freely selectable subjects from the list of predefined subjects.

* E – exam, P – project, KP – course project/paper; OC – optional course.