International Business

State code 6531BX045
Faculty Faculty of Business Management
Study field Business Studies
Qualification Professional Bachelor of Business Administration
Form and duration of studies Full-time studies, 3 years
Credits 180
Study plans Degree Course 2019-2022

Career Prospects

Students successfully completed International Business studies programme will be awarded a degree of Professional Bachelor in business. Graduates will be able to work for international business, manage an enterprise or its divisions, as well as to set up an enterprise. Further studies can be continued according to a university degree programmes.

During the studies students have opportunity to obtain Double Degree Qualification:

– Bachelor of Business administration in International Business (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Business School, Finland).

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

Full-time studies
Degree Course 2019-2022

1st semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation*
Social Business Environment (Business psychology, Business Law, Sociology, Introduction to Business) 10 P
Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic statistics) 10 E
Business Foreign Language 10 E
2nd semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Management (Management, Quality Management, Human Resources Management) 10 E
Material and Financial Assets’ Management (Finance, Enterprise Economics, Business Accounting) 10 E
Marketing (Marketing Basics, Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour) 10 P
3rd semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Innovations and New Product Development (Innovations, Business Practical Training) 10 E
International Business Organisation (Project Management, International Trade, Logistics Basics) 10 P
Optional Module 10 E
4th semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Sustainable development (Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics, Labour Protection and Civil Security) 10 E
Professional practice 20 E
5th semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
International Marketing and Sales  (Sales, International Marketing, International enterprise) 10 E
Information Communication Systems (Business Analytics, Business Informatics, Electronic commerce) 10 E
Communication (Speciality Language, Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication) 10 E
6th semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Final Practice 10 E
Final Thesis 10 P

Optional subjects are freely selectable subjects from the list of predefined subjects.

* E – exam, P – project