Software Engineering

State code 6531BX028
Faculty Faculty of Electronics and Informatics
Study field Computing
Qualification Professional Bachelor of Computing
Form and duration of studies Full-time studies, 3.5 years
Credits 210
Study plans Degree Course 2019-2023

Career Prospects

Graduates will be able to work in IT market in the field of software systems development: design, programming, testing and support.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • communicate in official and foreign languages;
  • share professional knowledge;
  • work in teams;
  • follow ethical and professional behavior;
  • evaluate and adapt market changes;
  • apply quality management methods;
  • study individually, deepen and renew knowledge, improve qualification;
  • analyze and design data structures;
  • design and implement algorithms using programming tools;
  • select and apply testing tools and methods;
  • prepare software user manual and its technical documentation;
  • design, create and modify databases;
  • design, create and modify software user interfaces;
  • design, create and modify software;
  • analyze, select and implement information security solutions;
  • create and modify data processing solutions;
  • administer database management systems;
  • create and modify Web-based services solutions;
  • Web-based services systems;
  • create and modify IoT solutions;
  • administer IoT systems.

Full-time studies
Degree Course 2019-2023

1st semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation*
Professional English 6 E
Speciality Language 3 P
Mathematics 6 E
Operating Systems 6 E
Structured Programming 6 E
Introduction to Informatics 3 P
2nd semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Environmental and Civil Safety 3 P
Probability Theory and Statistics 3 P
Algorithms and Data Structures 6 E
Discrete Mathematics 3 E
Human-Computer Interaction Design 6 E
Computer Graphics 6 E
First Programming Practice 3 P
3rd semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Methods of Computation and Optimization 6 E
Database Design 6 E
Information Systems 3 E
Business Management Systems 3 P
Object-Oriented Programming 6 E
Management 3 P
Second Programming Practice 3 P
4th semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Sociology 3 P
Law 3 P
Computers and Network 6 E
Multithreaded Programming 3 E
Web Services 6 E
Information Security 6 E
Database Practice 3 P
5th semester (27 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Economics 3 P
Software Testing 3 E
Software Engineering 3 E
Optional subject(s) 6 P
Specialization: Database Systems
Database Management Systems 6 E
Data Mining 6 E
Specialization: Internet Technologies
Client-side Web Development 6 E
Server-Side Web Development 6 E
Specialization: Smart Device Programming
Hybrid Mobile Apps 6 E
Native Mobile Apps 6 E
6th semester (33 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Artificial Intelligence 6 E
Project Management 3 E
Professional Practice 12 P
Optional subject(s) 6 P
Specialization: Database Systems
Database Server Administration 3 E
Non-Relational Databases 3 E
Specialization: Internet Technologies
Web Security 3 E
Search Engine Optimization 3 E
Specialization: Smart Device Programming
Internet of Things 3 E
Smart Device Programming 3 E
7th semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Final Practice 15 P
Final Project 15 Defense

Optional subjects are freely selectable subjects from the list of predefined subjects.

* E – exam, P – project