Biomedical Diagnostics

State code 6531GX013
Faculty Faculty of Health Care
Study field Medical Technology
Qualification Professional Bachelor of Health Sciences, Biomedical Technologist
Form and duration of studies Full-time studies, 3 years
Credits 180
Study plan Degree Course 2020-2023

Career Prospects

You will be able to work in hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, cytology, forensic and other laboratories of public health centers, health care, research and other institutions.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Collect and interpret data necessary for tackling of social, ethical issues.
  • Apply information technologies.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility and public spirit.
  • Reflect and reason purposefully.
  • Select learning strategies and methods.
  • Prepare the work area and implements for laboratory testing.
  • Justify hygiene requirements for laboratories and work environment.
  • Explain the structure of the body, functions of organs and systems.
  • Describe pathological processes in human body.
  • Review the influence of environmental factors on individual health.
  • Work in the health care team and collaborate with other sectors.
  • Communicate and convey information within the framework of competence.
  • Apply provisions of health legislation and professional ethics in the professional activity.
  • Take and accept samples.
  • Perform or assist in the laboratory testing.
  • Compare results of laboratory testing with reference values.
  • Monitor quality of laboratory testing in all stages of laboratory performance.

Full-time studies
Degree Course 2020-2023

1st semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation*
Philosophy 3 E
Contemporary Lithuanian 3 E
Information Technology 3 E
Foreign Language (English) 4 E
Anatomy 4 E
Chemistry 5 E
Cytology, Histology and Histological Technique 8 E
2nd semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Professional Ethics 3 E
Physiology 4 E
Biomedical Physics 4 E
Medical Procedures and First Medical Care 7 E
Microbiological Testing 6 E
Microbiological Testing Practice 3 P
Cytological and Histological Testing Practice 3 P
3rd semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Psychology 3 E
Pathological Anatomy and Physiology 5 E
Quality Management 3 E
Human Body Fluids and Secretions Laboratory Testing 6 E
Biochemical Testing 7 E
Optional Subject 3 E
Optional Subject 3 E
4th semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Biochemical Testing 4 E
Human Genetics 3 E
Hematological Testing 4 E
Clinical Pathology 6 E
Pharmacology 3 E
Biochemical and Human Body Fluids Laboratory Testing Practice 10 P
5th semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Basics of Law 3 E
Applied Research and Statistics 6 E
Public Health 3 E
Management of Health System 3 E
Molecular Testing 4 E
Immunology and Immunological Testing 8 E
Optional Subject 3 E
6th semester (30 credits)
Module (Subjects) Credits Evaluation *
Molecular Testing Practice 6 P
Final Practice 14 P
Final Thesis 10 P

Optional subjects are freely selectable subjects from the list of predefined subjects.

* E – exam, P – project