Electronics Engineering

State code 6531EX027
Faculty Faculty of Electronics and Informatics
Study field Electronics Engineering
Qualification Professional Bachelor of Engineering Sciences
Form and duration of studies Full-time studies, 3,5 years
Credits 210
Study plans Degree Course 2017 – 2021

Admission in 2017 and later


Career Prospects

Graduates will be able to work in different state and private companies, enterprises, firms where electronic and mechatronic systems and their equipment are designed, manufactured, installed and maintained, to organize their own business.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • communicate in writing and orally in the correct state language (Lithuanian) in business situations and in a foreign language (English);
  • professionally formulate and give sound arguments taking into account market situation, social, scientific and ethical considerations;
  • work in a team;
  • apply legal and standard documents, computer programs;
  • perceive the importance of self-directed lifelong learning and prepare for it;
  • know the basic electronics engineering concepts and their content;
  • explain performance of a wide range of electronics equipment and causes of its malfunction;
  • identify and eliminate equipment faults;
  • maintain, adjust electronics equipment and systems,
  • install hardware and software applying the newest technologies;
  • select and set necessary equipment, instruments and methods;
  • safely deploy, install, and adjust electronics equipment and systems applying appropriate methods;
  • select and make circuits of electronic devices, be able to simulate them on the basis of applications programs;
  • create product design and prepare basic product design documents;
  • work out economic basis of the project;
  • understand design methods used in electronics and be able to apply them;
  • select process technology for the product production;
  • assess business environment and prepare a business plan;
  • organise enterprise (subdivision) activities;
  • apply knowledge of electronics engineering to creating electronic/mechatronic systems;
  • install and adjust electronic/mechatronic systems;
  • identify and eliminate faults of electronics/mechatronics devices and systems.


Full-time studies

Degree Course 2020-2024

Degree Course 2019-2023

Degree Course 2018-2022

Degree Course 2017 – 2021

1st semester (30 credits)
Subjects Credits Evaluation*
English I 3 E
Physics 6 E
Mathematics 5 E
Electrical Engineering 6 E
Programming of Electronic Devices 3 SD
Engineering and Computer Graphics 4 SD
Electronics Practice 3 SD
2nd semester (30 credits)
Subjects Credits Evaluation *
English II 3 E
Speciality Language 3 IW
Mathematics 5 E
Electronics 7 E
Signals and Circuits 6 E
Virtual Electronic Instruments 3 IW
Computer Aided Design Practice 3 IW
3rd semester (30 credits)
Subjects Credits Evaluation *
Philosophy / Sociology 3 IW
Probability Theory and Statistics 3 E
Analogue Devices 6 E (KP)
Digital Devices 6 E (KP)
Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas 3 E
Programming C Language 6 IW
Practice of Electronic Devices Programming 3 IW
4th semester (30 credits)
Subjects Credits Evaluation *
Environmental and Civil Safety 3 IW
Microprocessors and Controllers 6 E
Digital Signal Processing 3 E
Measurement and Basics of Metrology 3 IW
Telecommunication Systems 6 E
Electronics Equipment Design and Manufacturing 6 E (KP)
Electronic Measurement Practice 3 IW
5th semester (24 credits)
Subjects Credits Evaluation *
Law 3 IW
Management 3 E
Automatics Systems 3 E
Computer Systems 3 E
OC 1* 3 IW
OC 2* 3 IW
Specialization: Electronics Systems
Audio and Video Technologies 6 E
Specialization: Mechatronics Systems
Programmable Logic Controllers 3 E
Visualization of Processes 3 IW
6th semester (36 credits)
Subjects Credits Evaluation *
Economics 6 E
OC 3* 3 IW
OC 4* 3 IW
Professional Practice 12 IW
Specialization: Electronics Systems
Electronic Apparatus and Maintenance 6 E
Security Electronics Systems 3 E
Electronics Systems Project 3 P
Specialization: Mechatronics Systems
Mechatronics Systems 6 E
Robotics 3 E
Mechatronics Systems Project 3 P
7th semester (30 credits)
Subjects Credits Evaluation *
Final Practice 15 IW
Final Project 15 P
Optional course Credits Evaluation *
General college study subjects
Physical Training 3 IW
Professional English 3 IW
German 1 3 IW
Professional Ethics 3 IW
History of Culture 3 IW
Fundamentals of Communication 3 IW
Oratory 3 IW
Study field subjects
Marketing 3 IW
Quality Management 3 IW
Methodology of Applied Research 3 IW
Microwave Technique 3 IW
Basics of Accounting 3 IW
Computer Networks 3 IW
Mobile Networks 3 IW
PID Controllers 3 IW
Measurement Automatization System LabView 3 IW
MATLAB in Electronics 3 IW
Digital Signal Processors (DSP) 3 IW
Operating Systems 3 IW
Project Management 3 IW
Laser Technologies 3 IW
Automobile Electronic Systems 3 IW

Optional subjects are freely selectable subjects from the list of predefined subjects.

* E – exam, P – project, IW – independent work, KP – course project/paper,

OC – optional course.