Outgoing Erasmus+ internship

Dear Students! You are most welcome to participate in Erasmus+ student mobility for internship programme!
You are welcome to participate in the competition to win a grant for an internship mobility in foreign enterprises under ERASMUS+ programme.

Who can participate?
Internship places
About the competition
Main criteria for selection
Steps after winning the competition
Documents and tasks before going abroad
About the grant
Documents and tasks during your studies
After the mobility
Additional information



  • For the next Autumn semester – during the February (day 1 to day 28/29).
  • For the next Spring semester – during the September (day 1 to day 30).

* Exception: the competition period for the Faculty of Health Care is one week shorter.


  • During the December (day 1 to day 23).
  • During the May (day 1 to day 30).

Who can participate?

All students of 1-4 study year are eligible to participate in the competition.
Internship in the foreign enterprises can continue from 2 to 12 month. This period can be splited into several shorter ones, unless the shortest one is no less than 2 months.
This is opportunity for those, who:

  • Have good academic achievements (no debts),
  • Are willing to get international experience,
  • Are willing to learn new subjects,
  • Are willing improve your foreign language skills,
  • Are willing to know new countries and cultures,
  • Are willing to find friends from all over the world!

Internship places

We recommend to find internship place by yourself.

List of internship places



If you would like to take part in an Erasmus + student mobility placement competition, please fill in an Erasmus application.

Please note that applications are accepted until the last day of competition, till 00 pm. You can fill in applications only by logging in to VIKO e-mail.

About the competition

The selection of candidates to go to Erasmus+ student mobility for internship is carried out in respective faculties by Erasmus+ programme Selection Board, assigned by the dean of each faculty. The selection procedure has to be finalised in a week after the end of the competition. Students can be invited for the interview – please, check the information!

Main criteria for selection

  • Academic results of your previous studies;
  • Good command of the foreign language(s);
  • Selected study programme of the host higher education institution;
  • Motivation;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Priority is given to the students, who participate in Vilniaus kolegija’s mentorship activities;

Steps after winning the competition

Preparation for ERASMUS+ internship abroad includes some paper work. You will be instructed in details by Erasmus students mobility coordinator in case of winning the grant – please, check the information!

Documents and tasks before going abroad

About the grant

Total per month, EUR
1 group Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Finland, Sweden 700
2 group Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany 650
3 group Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary 600

Additional Support:

  • Students with special needs (illness, etc.), can apply for the additional support to the Education Exchanges Support Foundation (www.smpf.lt).

Erasmus+ grant for internship abroad is calculated by multiplying number of months by the fixed amount per month for the particular country. In case of a part of the month, grant is calculated multiplying number of the days by 1/30 of the fixed amount per month for the particular country.

Erasmus+ grant is paid in two parts:

  • 80% of the grant is transferred at the beginning of Erasmus+ internship or one week before;
  • 20% of the grant is transferred after the completing Erasmus+ internship, presenting necessary papers (see below) and completing necessary surveys and tests.

 Documents and tasks during your internship

If you wish to change your Learning Agreement for Traineeship during your internship, you should inform your Erasmus coordinator. In case your application will be approved, you will need to sign:

After the mobility

After returning from your internship abroad, you should present:

  • After the Mobility section of your Learning Agreement with your mobility start and finish dates.

Activities should be completed after your internship abroad:

  • On-line EU Survey in 30 days after receiving the invitation by e-mail.
  • OLS language test at the end of your internship abroad.

 Additional information

  • General Information
  • Erasmus student Charter
  • Erasmus ID of Vilniaus koelgija: LT VILNIUS10
  • For further information, please contact International Relations and Projects Service, Saltoniškių str. 58, room 115, administration building of Vilniaus kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences


International Relations and Projects Service, central building of Vilniaus kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences, Vilnius, Saltoniškių str. 58, room 115; Mob. tel. +370 615 80632
Responsible person for student mobility: Vilma Kardauskė e-mail: erasmus@viko.lt or v.kardauske@viko.lt
See you!