Mentoring system

Hi there!

You do not have worry anymore; we are here to help you!

We are Mentors! Volunteers’ team (a part of Student Union) which is created in 2014 to help incoming students’ adaptation process become faster and more pleasant!

We are organizing orientation week even before the mobility program starts in order to connect all the Erasmus+ students from different faculties and make their first meet with Vilnius as much comfortable as possible.

We are organizing trips, social evenings, informational meetings and many other activities for incoming students during their whole stay in Vilnius. Moreover, our aim is to help foreigners with daily issues such as local transportation, stores and city life.

Every Erasmus+ student (Mentee) receives a delegated Mentor who will be his/her buddy during whole stay (most probably the connection between Mentor and Mentee will not be lost even after mobility program ends).

We are happy to welcome you in the Vilniaus kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences!

See you soon!

And here you can receive some contacts:

International Relations coordinator:
Saulė Kalinauskaitė

Mentors team coordinator:
Saulė Kalinauskaitė

Faculty of Agrotechnologies:
Saulė Kalinauskaitė

Julius Penkauskas

Faculty of Electronics and Informatics:
Simona Prialgauskaitė

Justas Valantinavičius

Faculty of Economics:
Greta Žemgulytė

Ričard Zablockij

Faculty of Arts and Creative Tecnologies:
Justė Bačianskaitė

Dovilė Šiškutė

Agnieška Mažeika

Faculty of Health Care:
Akvilė Čemerytė

Faculty of Business Management:
Lina Zavišiūtė

Eimantė Kurauskaitė

Samanta Štraupaitė

Rusnė Bočkutė