ESN VIKO explored Northern Lithuania. International students were excited to visit the Hill of Crosses and the famous places of the city Šiauliai!

On October 20, a large team of international students from Vilniaus kolegija | University of Applied Sciences accompanied by ESN VIKO representatives continued to get acquainted with the most beautiful places in Lithuania, this time they visited Šiauliai and its environs.

International students were excited to explore culture of Lithuania and see different parts of the country. Therefore they chose to visit the famous Hill of Crosses where you can find over 100 thousands crosses. Which are brought by people of different nations and religions. And its symbolise an unshakable faith in the people, their sufferings and hopes.

Near the pilgrimage International students had an opportunity to deepen their knowledge about heritage of the country by visiting city Šiauliai and its famous places. What is more students were the actively involved in the team building activities.