On 13th of September 2018 Eugenija Strazdiene, professor of Fashion Design Department participated in the Leadership Workshop organized by COST Academy in Brussels. COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology – is EU-funded program that enables scientists to develop and to expand interdisciplinary research networks in Europe and beyond and provides funding for conferences, seminars, short-term scientific exchanges and other network activities in different research fields. It initiates open spaces in which researchers can grow ideas, revealing their scientific potential to colleagues and society. Director of COST association – dr. Ronald de Bruin, who is the author of “Twenty-First Century Leadership for EU Institutions”, also participated in this Leadership Workshop.

Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Science is a partner in COST activity CA17107 “European Network for Research and Innovation in Smart Textiles ConText”, which was approved in 2018. Smart textiles is a functional material that actively interacts with the environment, i.e. it reacts and actively adapts to ambient changes. It becomes essential in all areas of human life, especially health and medicine, automotive and aeronautics, personal protective equipment, sports, buildings and interior design, etc.