Business Management Faculty’s lecturer Lina Gaigalaitė delivered a research paper presentation (co-author lecturer Marius Brazdauskas) at the XVth Swiss Hotel Development and Support Fund (La Fondation Pour la Formation Hoteliere) conference “Hospitality and Service Innovations”, which took place at the University of Primorska, Slovenia on 13-17th of April. Marius Brazdauskas and Lina Gaigalaitė‘s co-authored research paper “Promoting Sustainability-Oriented Employee Communication and Education in Hotel Industry: Review of Innovative Practices” received the Best Paper Award. This is their second award for the best paper. Last year their co-authored research paper “The Role of Culture in Sustainable Hospitality Development” also received the Best Paper Award at the conference organized by Manchester Metropolitan University.

Lina Gaigalaitė

Award for Lina Gaigalaitė

Award for Marius Brazdauskas