5 th to 9 th November 2018  Lecturer and Member of Veterinary Medicine Department  from Mehmed Akif Ersoy University (Turkey) dr. Hasbi Sait Saltik visited the Faculty of Agrotechnologies of Vilnius kolegija / University of Applied Sciences as an Erasmus+ staff mobility teacher.

Hasbi Saltik is a member of the Virology research team and a lecturer of Virology. In 2018 he defended a PhD thesis in this area.

The guest lecturer delivered lectures for the students of Veterinary Medicine study programme on Diagnostic Techniques in Virology, Attachment and Entry, the Infectious Cycle and Emerging Viruses.

Dr. Hasbi Sail Saltik visited the Veterinary Clinic of Vilniaus kolegija, the laboratories of the faculty, shared his experience with the lecturers of Veterinary Medicine department and promised to return back to the faculty for delivering lectures or for implementing activities of common projects.

Vilniaus kolegija is fostering mobility reciprocity by working in both directions – sending and receiving students and staff. Inviting professionals from foreign higher education institutions and businesses is fostering internationalisation and especially – internationalisation of the host institution. Last year Vilniaus kolegija welcomed around 70 academicians and practitioners from various foreign higher education institutions and businesses.