New Scholarship for Those Interested in Deepening their Knowledge in Cybersecurity


The SANS Technology Institute today announced the Paller Cybersecurity Scholarship – an international scholarship covering all study expenses aimed at helping bridge gaps in cybersecurity skills.

Candidates from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Lithuania, can now apply for this scholarship. All courses will be conducted in English.

The program is tailored for students with varying levels of cybersecurity experience – from experienced information security specialists to individuals without a technological background. Selected applicants will be offered one of two scholarship tracks, offering multiple degree and certificate programs, with the goal of helping graduates better protect their organizations, regions, or countries from cyber threats.

Under the “New to Cyber Track” program, which does not require any prior technical experience, students can obtain an Applied Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Certificate, an Applied Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree, or a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Cybersecurity Professional Studies. The second track, “Experienced Student Track”, designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree and IT or information security experience, allows learners to acquire one of eight master’s certificates specifically tailored for the workplace, or a master’s degree in information security engineering. The scholarship covers all fees for courses, study materials, and GIAC certification exams, regardless of the track chosen by students.

All programs include several Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) certificates, with the option for remote study and the choice between on-demand or live sessions, adapted to the daily lives of scholarship recipients. The curriculum is designed with the needs of working professionals in mind, allowing students to take one course at a time, with most culminating in a widely recognized GIAC certification exam. These remote studies, created and led by elite cybersecurity experts, not only enable the acquisition of new cybersecurity knowledge but also its application in the workplace or pursuit of a new career.

Named after Alan Paller, founder of the SANS Institute and SANS Technology Institute, the Paller Cybersecurity Scholarship aims to continue his legacy as a cybersecurity visionary. Today, when organizations need stronger protection more than ever, the SANS Technology Institute is the only higher education institution focused solely on cybersecurity education, offering a leading-edge remote cybersecurity program.

“The Paller Cybersecurity Scholarship offers the world’s best cybersecurity education to those who have the determination and ability to make a real impact. A practical approach is necessary to defend against modern critical cyber threats, and this will be taught by representatives of the cybersecurity industry. No other cybersecurity training institution in the world has the same real-world impact as we do, so we are delighted to provide scholarships to those who are ready for the challenge and committed to making a difference,” says Ed Skoudis, President of the SANS Technology Institute.

SANS Technology Institute graduate Jake Danuser, who transitioned into cybersecurity from philosophy and economics, now works as an Associate Security Consultant at AHEAD and believes: “If you work in this field, you must be prepared to look to the future and stay at the forefront of technology. My current job is directly related to the certifications I obtained at the SANS Technology Institute – they are known and recognized worldwide, making it the best program of its kind.”

SANS Technology Institute graduate Shawna Turner, who switched from theater technician work to cybersecurity and is now a Senior Engineer at Nike, shares her opinion: “The SANS Technology Institute is the Oxford of security studies, so students naturally feel that there are high expectations associated with them. Living up to them is a great achievement!”

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Applications are accepted until November 15th.

As mentioned, prior experience in the field of cybersecurity is not required, but candidates will need to complete a skills test and participate in an interview.

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