The College Library provides accessibility of information corresponding to the demands of academic staff and students to the world well–known information resources, expands the functions of the library and its services. The college Library takes the first place among all Lithuanian colleges‘ libraries according to the volume of the funds (physical units), content (the number of titles), workplaces in reading–rooms, registered users, their visit to the library, document lending, subscription of periodicals, funding for the library, and other data.

During the reporting period, the library has purchased over 42.6 thousand books, 20.9% of them in foreign languages. Many of them are the only specimens in Lithuania. For subscription of periodicals the library allots from 100 to 115 thousand Lt annually. The average allocation per student in 2008–2013 was 48.09 Lt. The value of the library fund in 2013 was 3895.2 thousand Lt.

Since 2012 the College Library subscribes to its readers collections of eBooks on EBSCOhost (over 12137 thousand titles), as well as in Lithuanian universities (VGTU, KTU and VDU) produced e–books (914 titles). In 2012–2013 for subscription of the Lithuanian e–books the sum of 39.88 thousand Lt was allocated. Users had access to e–journals on subscribed databases EBSCO Publishing, Emerald Management eJournals Collection, Taylor & Francis (in 2013 – 51,8 thousand titles, 16,5 thousand of them – full–text documents) and the ability to use the databases Grove Art Online, Grove Music Online, Reference Library and bibliographic information management tool Refworks, also test other databases offered by publishers, access to International Statistical database Euromonitor Passport has been purchased in 2014.

Library information system (LIS) Aleph 500 is regularly updated. The 21st version was installed in 2013. This is a sub–system of the Lithuanian academic e–library eLALa, giving users the opportunity to perform search of document not only in College, but in the resources of all the Lithuanian academic libraries (universities and colleges). In total, the electronic catalogue of the College now consists of 13.75 thousand bibliographic records and over 109 thousand physical units of various papers, which makes 42.55% of the total library fund. The College is a member of the Consortium of Lithuanian academic libraries information infrastructure for science and studies support and development (LABIIMSPP), a member of Lithuanian Scientific libraries (LMBA) and Association of Lithuanian college libraries (LKBA) and is involved in their activities.