Last Thursday the projects quality award ceremony of the year 2015, organised by The Education Exchanges Support Foundation in Lithuania, took place in Vilnius. The nominees were the institutions which successfully implemented projects in the period of 2014 and 2015.

Vilniaus kolegija is glad to announce that our Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project, coordinated by the Practice Firms Centre “Simulith Centras” is announced as the best qualitatively implemented project among all Leonardo da Vinci projects of the year 2015. The project aim is to create integral and sustainable initial and continuous the practice firm (PF) trainers’ training programme in cooperation with PF central offices from Italy, France, Lithuania and Europen-Pen International association, based in Germany. Various partners’ current experiences and practices of PF trainers training was gathered, developed, adapted to cultural and political environment of each country, piloted and created final PFTT programme. The product is now reachable for Europen-Pen International association members (42 countries from all over the world).

Simulith centre is grateful for all partners of the project for the perfect work and cooperation. Last but not least – the project was initiated during one of the Erasmus staff training visits in 2011.kokybes-konkursas-1024x768