On 11-15 February 2019 Dr Nijolė Zinkevičienė, Vice-Rector for Research and Partnerships and Jolanta Preidienė, Head of International Relations and Projects Department visited Parul University, in Gujarat, India. The main aim of the visit was to strengthen cooperation between the two institutions. Dr Nijolė Zinkevičienė and Jolanta Preidienė met the President of Parul University, Dr Devanshu Patel,  the Head of International Office Dr Preeti Nair, also heads of different faculties and departments of this university. J. Preidienė delivered lectures of Applied ICT for the Bachelor and Master students from the Social studies area.

During the visit VIKO representatives had also a possibility to meet the participants of the Summer School, organised by the Parul University: students and lecturers from Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and Russia.

Vilniaus kolegija established cooperation with Parul University several years ago. The head of International Office of Parul University, dr. Preeti Nair visited Vilniaus kolegija in the Spring of 2018 with the lectures for students and a presentation at the international conference at VIKO. In the Autumn of 2018 two students of Parul University were granted the scholarships of the Lithuanian government and studied for one semester at the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics.