Students of the chemical analysis study program of the Faculty of Agrotechnology were awarded nominal scholarships of UAB „Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics“


UAB „Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” nominal scholarships have been awarded to three of the most advanced students of the Chemical Analysis Study Program of the Faculty of Agrotechnology of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences (Vilnius College). In the autumn semester of 2022/2023, the competition to receive scholarships from UAB „Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” was won by Ieva Gruzdytė (CH21 gr.), a student of the II course, and Lukas Tamašauskas and Artur Nguen Kong, students of the CH20 group of the III course.

Ieva is a motivated student, tries to perform all tasks perfectly, seeks to improve and expand her horizons in the world of chemistry. She likes to work in a chemistry laboratory, so she associates her future with the work of a researcher. Ieva is currently studying in the Czech Republic at tomas Bata University under the Erasmus exchange programme.

Lukas loves to communicate, is the dean of the group, he is an inquisitive and active student. In the autumn semester of the second course, under the Erasmus program, he successfully studied at Tomas Bata University, and conducted the practice of chemical research professional activity in the organic synthesis division of Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics, UAB.

Arthur is patient and consistent in science, pays special attention to delving into the essence of the subject, he likes to work in the laboratory. After graduation, he associates his future with the work of an analyst or researcher. Artur carried out the practice of chemical research professional activity in the laboratories of JSC „Biotechpharma, biotechnological pharmaceutical center”.

All three students are members of smd, participate in scientific applied activities, conduct research, participate in conferences, prepare articles. The Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics scholarship was awarded to Lukas for the fourth time, Artur and Ieva for the second time. JSC „Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” scholarships are awarded for excellence in science, active participation in scientific applied and social activities since 2010.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics, UAB is one of the world’s largest companies that produces molecular biology products for life sciences research and diagnostics.