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Opportunities to continue your studies at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences.

The students who want to continue their Professional Bachelor’s studies from their first year Spring semester (and higher years) can choose the following study programmes at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences:

Study field Study programme State code
Finance Banking 6531LX037
Economics Business economics 6531JX008
Programming systems Programming systems 6531BX028
Business1 Turism management 6531BX045
Business1 Creativity and Business Innovation 6531LX046
Business1 Hotel and restaurant business 6581LX002
Business1 Turism management 6531LX047
Agriculture2 Agribusiness technologies 6531IX004
Chemistry2 Chemical analysis 6531CX001
Environmental Engineering2 Landscape design 6531EX029
Food  Technologies2 Food Technology 6531FX004
Veterinary medicine2 Veterinary medicine 6531HX001
Social work3 Social work 6531JX007
Pedagogy3 Childhood pedagogy 6531MX006
Pedagogy3 Primary education  pedagogy 6531MX002


1   We can arrange internships as needed.

2   Individual modules or individual consultations in English can be conducted

3   Studies can be conducted in Russian, some subjects can be taught in English.

More about study programmes:

Application form:

Regarding possibilities to continue your studies in different study programmes than mentioned above, please contact: Daiva Lesickienė (VIKO Student admission coordinator, e-mail


Support provided by the higher educational institution

Reimbursement / compensation of tuition fees and accommodation costs in the dormitory.


Language courses

VIKO Foreign Languages Centre is ready to teach languages (remotely): Basics of Lithuanian in English and Russian as well as English (at an Elementary and higher levels).


Support campaigns for Ukraine


Contact person at the University:
Lina Bivainienė
+ 370 656 58 838