VIKO Staff Training Week


VIKO Staff Training Week “Demand-Based Research in Higher Education” has successfully finished! VIKO hosted 45 bright, talented and high-skilled participants from 15 European, Asian and African countries who were highly motivated to gain new skills in demand-based research as well as to get to know to Lithuania, its culture, history and customs. The intensive Staff […]

The Academic Council Approved the Candidates for Deputy Directors Responsible for Study and Research Activities, as Well as the Candidates for Deans and Vice-Deans


During the Academic Council meeting of Vilniaus Kolegija /Higher Education Institution on 14 th June, Dr. Žymantė Jankauskienė, the  Director of the Kolegija, presented the candidates for Deputy Directors responsible for study and research activities, as well as the candidates for Deans and Vice-Deans of the Kolegija faculties. The members of the Academic Council discussed […]

An Internship in Tallinn


Lecturers Evita Kryževičienė, Raminta Kalvaitienė, Asta Kisieliūtė, and Monika Polunina of the Fashion technologies and Business studies’ study programme at the Fashion Design department of the faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies completed an internship at Tallinn University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences. During the internship, the lecturers familiarized themselves with the execution peculiarities […]

A Teaching Visit of V. Andriusevičienė, lecturer of Foreign Language Centre, to University of West Attica


On May 22-26, 2023 Virginija Andriusevičienė, a lecturer of Foreign Language Centre, visited the University of West Attica in Greece, where she delivered lectures “IT for Language Teaching / Learning” and “Intercultural Communication: Personal Gains from Erasmus+ Visits”. The most heated discussions were provoked by the demonstration of “Chat GPT possibilities”. The meetings with lecturers […]

Studying in Lithuania: what do Ukrainians who want to study in higher education need to know?


R. Liepuonienė, Deputy Director of Vilnius College for Studies and Ukrainian students share their thoughts on their study experiences and impressions at Vilnius College. Find out more here:

“Sustainable Tourism Destinations” – BIP Week at the Faculty of Business Management


Tourism students from Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Israel, India and Egypt took part in the Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) “Sustainable Tourism Destinations” organised on 15-19 May, 2023 at the Faculty of Business Management. The students analysed examples of sustainable tourism presented by the organisations “Travel Lithuania”, “GoVilnius”, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the […]

Dr. Aydin Firat from Bursa University in Turkey Lectures for VIKO Students


From 8th to 12th May the Foreign Languages Centre (UKC) hosted Dr. Aydin Firat from Bursa Technical University (Turkey) to teach in the faculties of Business Management, Economics and Electronics and Informatics of Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution (Kolegija). On 8th May the lecturer met with the students of Advertising management and Office administration […]

Vilniaus Kolegija is Hosting Members of the Largest and Most Successful Practical Entrepreneurship Education Network


On 15 th May Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution is hosting   28 members of the largest and most successful practical entrepreneurship education network from Germany, Luxembourg, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, South Korea, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, USA, Holland, Portugal, Canada and Lithuania who have gathered in Vilnius to participate in the 60th PEN […]

Creative/Modern/International Management BIP – Short exchange week at VIKO VVF


May 8-12, 2023 Vilniaus kolegija/Higher Education Institution, Faculty of Business Management hosted three management driven international short exchange weeks: Creative/Modern and International Management BIP’s (Blended intensive programme), joining more than 100 participants from 7 institutions. Creativity students arrived from long-term partner institutions AVANS University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences […]

Director of Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution Elected


On 24th April 2023 in a closed session of the Vilniaus kolegija Council the new Director  of Vilniaus kolegija was chosen by secret ballot – by the decision of the Council the higher education institution for the coming five – year period will be led by  dr. Žymantė Jankauskienė. She currently holds the position of […]

Traineeship at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen (Norway)


On 9-11 March 2023, teachers of the Faculty of Health Care – assoc. prof dr. Milda Žukauskienė and lecturer Kristina Žukienė visited the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Bergen, Norway) under the LLP/Erasmus Programme. The European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher education (ENPHE) is a network of institutions that train physiotherapists. The main objectives […]

Vilniaus kolegija has been accredited for the maximum period


On 14 th March Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution was accredited for the maximum period. The decision was made by the Order of the Director of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education  (SKVC). The purpose of the external evaluation is to determine the quality of activities of the higher education institution based […]