Vilniaus kolegija has been accredited for the maximum period


On 14 th March Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution was accredited for the maximum period. The decision was made by the Order of the Director of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education  (SKVC).

The purpose of the external evaluation is to determine the quality of activities of the higher education institution based on the conclusions of the external evaluation, create conditions for improving of the activities of the  higher education institution, promote a culture of quality and inform the founders, the academic community and the public about the quality of  higher education institutions’ activities.

“First of all, I would like to thank the entire community of Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution for focused and responsible work in the process of institutional evaluation: for collecting material, writing a self-assessment report and meeting with the visiting experts. The results of the institutional evaluation are both encouraging and compelling. Encouraging, because the Vilnius kolegija community showed themselves as being strong and responsible both in daily activities and in preparing the self-assessment report. They are also compelling, because during the institutional evaluation, the experts gave us the highest scores of all Lithuanian higher education institutions of this type. The leadership of Vilniaus kolegija has been confirmed and consolidated in the Lithuanian higher education sector”, indicated the Rector of this higher education institution Dr. Ž. Jankauskienė.

The external evaluation of Vilniaus Kolegija  activities started in 2022, when VIKO submitted a self-assessment report to the SKVC. SKVC formed a group of international experts, which from 22 nd to 24 th November 2022 were visiting the Kolegija. After evaluating the material presented in the self-assessment report, and the information heard in the meetings during the visit, and after inspecting the infrastructure of VIKO, the international experts presented a positive evaluation of the institution.

The International panel included: Chair – Prof. Colin Raban (UK), Emeritus Professor of the University of Derby and independent consultant (UK, Europe, South-East Asia and Middle East); Secretary –  Ms. Ewa Kolanowska (Poland), independent higher education consultant; Members – Prof. Dr. Wes Wierda (Netherlands), Director and co-owner at Hofstee Medical Business School, Professor at Glion / Les Roches-Gruyère University of Applied Sciences, Bulle-Montreux professor (Switzerland); Ms. Kersti Viitkar, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at Tartu Health Care College (Estonia), member of the Estonian Nurses Association; Mr. Simonas Razminas, social partner, Vice-President of the Engineering Platform at the Flo Health Inc. company (Lithuania); Mr. Edvinas Levišauskas,  student, Kaunas Kolegija graduate (Sport Management), MA student (Strategic Management of Organisations), Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania).

Of the four evaluated areas (management, quality assurance, studies and scientific (art) activities, impact on the country and region), two areas have been rated very well (i.e. the area is rated very well in the national context and internationally, without any shortcomings), two areas have been rated well (the area is being developed systematically, without significant deficiencies).

8 examples of good practice in VIKO activities have been singled out and 12 recommendations for improving the Kolegija activities have been offered. As an example of good practice in the management field the experts emphasized “an environment that gives students a strong sense of belonging to the community, and employees a motivating work environment with a consistent system and wide opportunities for competence development and a  spirit of cooperation.” Strong internationalization activities have been noted: a wide network of partners, an increasing number of collaborative projects, a large part of the programmes, including joint and double degree programmes, that are being delivered in English, and wide mobility opportunities. The institution pays a lot of attention to community and impact on the region, which is reflected in its strategic goals and operational programmes (social responsibility and sustainable development, applied scientific research and artistic activities, strategic partnerships).

The experts positively assessed the fact that Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution  “study programmes meet the needs of the labor market, as evidenced by the employment rates of graduates, which exceed the average of the college sector.” The expert group made recommendations for further development.