The Academic Council Approved the Candidates for Deputy Directors Responsible for Study and Research Activities, as Well as the Candidates for Deans and Vice-Deans


During the Academic Council meeting of Vilniaus Kolegija /Higher Education Institution on 14 th June, Dr. Žymantė Jankauskienė, the  Director of the Kolegija, presented the candidates for Deputy Directors responsible for study and research activities, as well as the candidates for Deans and Vice-Deans of the Kolegija faculties. The members of the Academic Council discussed and approved the candidates for Deputy Directors and Heads of academic units.

Deputy Directors of the Kolegija, Deans, and Vice-Deans:

• Rita Liepuonienė (Deputy Director for Studies)

• Dr. Nijolė Zinkevičienė (Deputy Director for Research and Partnership) 

Faculty of Agrotechnologies:

• Ramunė Vanagaitė (Dean)

• Dr. Erika Kubilienė (Vice-Dean)

Faculty of Economics:

• Dr. Aušra Liučvaitienė (Dean)

• Rita Martišienė (Vice-Dean)

Faculty of Electronics and Informatics:

• Vaidas Liubinas (Dean)

• Dr. Laura Gžegoževskė (Vice-Dean)

Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies:

• Dr. Birutė Žygaitienė (Dean)

• Andrius Guoba (Vice-Dean)

Faculty of Pedagogy:

• Vaiva Juškienė (Dean)

• Inga Bertašienė (Vice-Dean)

Faculty of Health Care:

• Dr. Milda Žukauskienė (Dean)

• Dr. Jurgita Kazlauskienė (Vice-Dean)

Faculty of Business Management:

• Nida Mačerauskienė (Dean)

• Aušra Turčinskaitė-Balčiūnienė (Vice-Dean)

Furthermore, Andriejus Sadauskis will continue to serve as the Deputy Director for Economics.

The Academic Council is the highest academic self-governance institution of the Kolegija. The Academic Council consists of  31 members.