The Erasmus+ Initiative for the Integration of Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education is Gaining Momentum


Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution is a partner of the project INNOSOCIAL (Mainstreaming Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education)

The project initiator and coordinator is SPOLECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (University of Social Sciences, Poland). Other project partners include Tetra Solutions Ltd. (Bulgaria), University of Pavia (Italy), and Fundacja InCREA (Poland).

The project InnoSocial is a 30-month Erasmus+ initiative that aims to facilitate the integration of inclusive innovation and social entrepreneurship (ĮI&SV in Lithuanian) education into higher education curricula by developing teaching and learning resources and strengthening the academic community’s abilities to organize spaces for learning.

The project is developing a set of teacher support tools that will allow mastering new teaching design and learning methods and a comprehensive modular course, approved by partner higher education institutions and included in the education system, parallely the representatives of the academic community will be trained during the project. By developing and integrating this course into the higher education system, the InnoSocial project will contribute to the implementation of the Erasmus+ higher education priority “Promoting Innovative Learning and Teaching Practices”.

This project focuses on inclusive innovation, which involves engaging socially sensitive sections of society in order to better meet their social needs through innovation. This will enable higher education institutions to create a more inclusive environment that promotes justice and equality and meets the needs of the wider community. Thus, this project also implements the Erasmus+ horizontal priority “Inclusion and Diversity in all Areas of Education, Training, Youth, and Sports”.