Unlocking Success: a Mock Interview Event at VIKO to Prepare Students for Their Careers


Members of Academia workstream commemorated the last day of winter meaningfully: at VIKO (Vilnius university of Applied Sciences), a mock interview day for students was organized. The event, which featured three different activities, aimed to give students practical experience with job interviews, as well as provide them with valuable feedback on their resumes.

The first activity was a simulation of job interviews. Students were given the opportunity to practice their interview skills with experienced professionals from Site Lithuania. They were asked a series of common interview questions and provided with feedback on their answers. Representatives of the team Greta Miknyte, Elena Juzenaite, Robin Mück, Julijus Kurlavicius, and Egle Satkovskiene were able to give helpful tips and advice on how to improve their responses and make a better impression during real interviews.

The second activity was a Rescue to the Moon game, which was designed to help students develop problem-solving skills and teamwork. In this game, hosted by Diana Gedvile and Marija Sadomskaja, students had to work together to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to successfully rescue a stranded astronaut on the moon. This activity was not only fun and engaging but also helped students develop important skills that are highly valued by employers.

The third activity was a consultation on resumes. Students were invited to bring their resumes and to receive one-on-one advice from Agne Narkute. They were given tips on how to make their resumes stand out, as well as advice on how to tailor their resumes to specific job applications. This activity was particularly helpful for students who were just beginning to create their resumes or were unsure about how to improve their existing ones. The event was a great success. 25 students participated in the activities, and everyone came away feeling more confident and prepared for the job search process. Students appreciated the opportunity to practice their interview skills, work on their problem-solving abilities, and receive feedback on their resumes. We also benefited from the event, as it was a great opportunity to connect with potential candidates and showcase our commitment to helping students succeed.