23rd-26th of September representatives of the Faculty of Agrotechnologies: Lecturer dr. Virginia Jarule and project manager Mikas Balkevičius attended VETNNET the Association meeting in Porto, Portugal.

VETNNET – association of Veterinary nurses training institutions which are responsible for improving of Veterinary nurses training standards, methodologies and share educational innovations, developing new projects constantly. Vilniaus kolegija‘s Department of Veterinary Medicine is a full VETNNET member since 2013. Together with VETNNET‘s partners organizations VIKO initiates and executes Partnership projects according the „Erasmus+“ programme  (e.g., www.vet-pbl.eu).

During VETNNET meeting in Porto, professional veterinary doctors and nurses  gave presentations on the latest veterinary nurses training techniques, their emotional intelligence formation peculiarities. Also practical training methodologies were demonstrated using the small animal mannequins.

On 2016 September 22-23, VETNNET meeting will be organized in Vilniaus kolegija. This is the significant sign of international recognition for Vilniaus kolegija, Department of Veterinary medicine binding to pursue the implementation of European veterinary nurse professional standards, as well as constantly improve the learning base and methodologies at Vilniaus kolegija.