What competences are needed for researchers in professional higher education institutions?


Vilnius UAS, together with its international partners, is completing the Erasmus+ project “Enhancing Staff Research and Innovation Capacity in Professional Higher Education” (RECAPHE), 2019-1-PL01-KA203-065823, which has developed an inventory of the nature and scope of R & D activities in the European professional higher education institutions (PHEIs), identified the competencies necessary for the sector’s researchers, […]

Vikis, Lesė and Reksas are robot-dogs of VIKO Robotics Workshop


The VIKO Robotics Workshop team is currently actively applying a new robotic platform in the study process. These are the new robot-dogs. Yes, yes, they are robots belonging to the class of general-purpose mobile robots, which have four independently moving limbs. They have integrated sensors that allow the robot to “feel” and experience the environment […]

Scientists are developing an artificial intelligence controlled relaxation system for children with emotional disorders


A team of scientists from Lithuanian higher education institutions was assembled by the company “NP5” (project manager Viktorija Laucyte-Mizgeriene, VU – Dr. Vytautas Zalys, Dr. Margarita Jurevicienė, Dr. Migle Dovydaitiene, KU – Dr. Laura Straubergaite -Zaliene, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences – Dr. Eugenijus Mačerauskas, students Erikas Asaka, Slavomir Cetyrkovski) helped implement the long-developed idea […]